A good end to an otherwise dry rainy season

South Africa’s “rainy season” lasts typically from early November through early April. After that, rains become rare, and the long dry season begins. Rain is absolutely quintessential to see nature and the wildlife get through these very tough months. A lot of our guests get worried when they hear “rainy season”, but the fact is that it only rains 2-3 days on average per month in the rainy season. And we wish it was more! It usually rains also mostly in the night. Bear in mind also that nature is at its best during the wet season. That’s when there is a lot of action.

We were lucky this year. The rainy season had been dry for  the most part, and that had us worry. But last week saw enormeous amounts of rain, and all the dams have filled up very nicely. We are good for the dry season! In the nick of time. As a result, nature has turned very green now also, which gives the game a lot of opportunity to eat and build reserves before things get tough.

See some lovely shots we took over the recent few days. Stunning.