It is not all about the game

It is unsurprising that our guests come to South Africa to see and experience the hundreds of breathtaking animal species that roam freely on our huge reserve. Some of them are the largest on earth, like the elephants, some are the tallest, like the giraffes, some are the fastest, like the cheetahs, and some are just so bizarre that there are no words for them. And you certainly get to see them all here.

But there is a bonus to it all!

What makes South Africa so breathtaking is not just its wildlife, but also its people, and its landscapes. There are moments of the day over here that are so magic that it still makes my jaws drop. Beauty so pure, so divine, that it instantly gives you a sort of inner peace and clarity of thought, sharp like a knife. The sort of moments where you just feel instantly grateful for the immense luck of being alive and the privilege of witnessing such sheer beauty. And a privilege it is!

Scenes like these, for instance.

Or this!

And this is a shot I took on my way in from Johannesburg, at the crack of dawn. No comment.

So if you want to see all these landscapes, why not go in our 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster, and experience South Africa like in the good old times? It’s all yours! Embrace it, enjoy it, and never forget it.