From the Vuyani Kitchen…

I recently posted a photo of Chef Vusi with a Corn Salad that he had made for lunch on our Facebook page I wanted to share this easy, quick and delicious recipe with you. Perfect for a lunch on the go or a side dish at a barbeque. You can decide on the amounts, depending on your guests. FullSizeRender
What you will need:
Red Kidney Beans
Butter Beans
Corn on the Cob (alternatively you can use frozen corn)
Some Cherry Tomatoes
Red & Green Bell Peppers
Feta Cheese
Some Parsley for Garnish, alternatively (if you love Basil as much as I do) some chopped Basil.

How to Assemble:
Dice the Onion and Peppers quite fine and fry in a bit of Olive Oil, add the Corn. Let this cool a little so the tomatoes don’t become too soft
Halve the Cherry Tomatoes (or keep whole) if you are using Butterbeans/Kidney beans in a tin, drain the water
Mix all the ingredients together, add the Feta and season to taste. You can also add a nice Vinaigrette and serve this salad cold or warm.
This Salad is quick, easy and absolutely delicious.
Happy Cooking
The Vuyani Safari Lodge Chefs