New arrivals after the first bit of rain

Vuyani Safari Lodge - Moditlo - Baby Warthog

The rain has brought us a number of new arrivals in the last 2 weeks.

First of all the Woodlands Kingfishers as well as the different Cuckoos have returned from the yearly migration, bringing the bush to a humming chorus.

Last week the first baby Impala was sighted, so in the near future all of the other ewes should be dropping their young as well.

Our local Warthog sow has brought an additional 4 new Hoglits into and around the camp over the last few days, a real treat for both our safari guests and staff alike!

New Jetsetter campaign !

The Vuyani Lodge is proud to announce the planned launch of a second campaign on the website in January. The was impressed by the positive feedback of the first American guests it had booked for the safari lodge and has decided to further its collaboration with us. The lodge will also feature on the Jetsetter’s retail booking website, which is to be launched in early December this year.

We are looking forward to welcoming even more guests from the US for some amazing safari holidays here at the Vuyani Lodge on the Moditlo Private Game Reserve.