Vintage Vuyani…

Vuyani Safari Lodge recently obtained two magnificent Vintage vehicles that have been restored to their former glory. Our General Manager, Craig Carnaby has done a little write up on each of these classics, our Guests will now have the option to spend some time with these magnificent automobiles.



Go back in time and take a trip in our Classic Chevrolet Fleetmaster, the vehicle is a 1947 model making it 70 years old and was the Mayor of Cape town’s first car which he owned for a period of 10 years. We Purchased the vehicle in 2015 and it has been restored over a period of 1 year.18033838_1710376695655886_3611793234079022142_n
Join our driver and depart the lodge on a leisurely tour to a small shopping village at the base of the Drakensburg mountains. Here you will have time to do some shopping and the option of looking around a classic car museum at the facility. There is also a silk farm where you can learn about how these products are manufactured.
After this, enjoy lunch under the trees and then return to the lodge for the Afternoon safari.




Hello……my name is “Jock “and I am named after Sir Percy Fitzpatrick’s fearless terrier who used to roam these very areas in the 1880s.
I am 51 years old and therefore a classic. I was produced in 1963 – 1967 as a Landrover series 2 SWB, who has been lovingly restored to my original condition and I now look as good as my brother did in his heyday, when he starred in the very famous the movie “Born free”.jock 2
Let me take you back to a time preceding the modern safari lodge era, as I transport you to a picturesque location on the reserve. Once there we will relax and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch under the trees while lounging on rugs and pillows I have brought along.
If you like you can also have your picture taken with me, I prefer black and white, then print it and display it on your wall as a memory of our time we spent together in wild Africa. Thereafter we will then take a slow drive to get you back in time for the evening safari.


**Written by Craig Carnaby