Is the rainy season upon us?

The dry season in this part of the world lasts typically from May to October. As soon as September has come to an end, all eyes are on the sky. Is there early rain coming? Will there be a good rainy season?

These questions are a yearly ritual, lack of rain, or abundance of it, which are part of the cycle of life. I have seen rain for days on end, with an intensity that boggles your mind, and I have seen entire weeks in the middle of the rainy season go without a drop. Disaster! Cycles of multiple years of relative drought, causing havoc on the wildlife, followed by several years of heavy and frequent rains which makes everything come back strongly. Every time there is talk of climate change, and I am sure there is an effect there also, but the truth is: Dry and wet cycles have been a historic reality here, and it is essential, ironically enough, for the natural eco-system here. Survival of the toughest and fittest! And there is nohing like a good old challenge.

Last year was “ok” in terms of rain. We had some late rainfall in the season, which was very welcome. And after the Cape has had a relatively good rainy season, many are saying that we are in for good rains this year. But is it a fish wife’s tale? We shall see this year.

In the meanwhile, we had a few mm of very first rains, a few days ago, just a little drizzle, really, but it got everyone excited. Hopefully there is more to come! The heat has been on us, and the sun has been strong. Great for our guests, of course, but the game needs some refreshment now. Fingers crossed!

See below some photos taken this week. The vegetation is now at its driest, but one can see first green shoots everywhere, as nature readies itself for the wet season.